The East Texas Police Academy offers both pre-service and in-service training for telecommunicators. In addition to offering the Basic Telecommunicator Certification Course, ETPA offers NCIC/TCIC access courses for both Full and Less-Than-Full access users, as well as numerous communications specific training courses.

2024 BTOC offerings are pending final scheduling. Course dates coming soon! 




Start Date

End Date


Application Deadline





Monday, April 22nd

Friday, May 3rd

Kilgore @ ETPA

Friday, April 12th





Employed Application and Admissions Information:

ETPA is currently only offering the Basic Telecommunications Course to employees who currently hold a permanent or temporary license issued by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. If you are not employed by a law enforcement agency and/or you do not currently hold a TCOLE license, please contact our office at 903.983.8663.

Pursuant to TCOLE rules, applicants must have a current, nationally recognized Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) card prior to enrolling in this course. 


Click here for the Employed Cadet Application Packet


Personal History Statement: 

Click here to open the ETPA PHS. 

Pursuant to TCOLE Rule §217.1(b)(10)(A), all applicants to this course must complete the ETPA specific PHS. We are unable to accept your agency’s PHS in lieu of our own, regardless of your employment status. The PHS must be filled out in its entirety, with no questions left blank or unanswered. 

Carefully read the instructions on page 3 of the PHS before filling anything out.

Please type your information directly into the PHS, print it out, initial the bottom right corner of every page, and turn it in to our office. Do not fill out the form by hand. 

You must answer every single question. Do not leave any questions blank. Do not remove any pages from the PHS. If a question is not applicable to you, enter “N/A” or “Not Applicable” in the space provided. 

Incomplete or incorrectly filled out PHS’s will not be accepted.

Do not sign the last page unless you are in the presence of the official notarizing your PHS. We have a notary in our office that can notarize your documents at no charge. 

Make sure you save a copy of your PHS before printing it!