The East Texas Police Academy offers both pre-service and in-service training for telecommunicators. In addition to offering the Basic Telecommunicator Certification Course, ETPA offers NCIC/TCIC access courses for both Full and Less-Than-Full access users, as well as numerous communications specific training courses.

For a list of upcoming in-service training, please see our In-Service Calendar.

The Basic Telecommunicator Course #1013 (BTOC) is a 40 hour licensing course. As of 02/01/2014, telecommunicators are now licensees, and all applicable Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Rules apply to those seeking admission into the BTOC. For a complete listing of telecommunicator licensing requirements, please see the BTOC Application Packet.


2019 Basic Telecommunicator Course Offerings:



Start Date

End Date


F.A.S.T. Deadline


Sulphur Springs



Hopkins County Sheriff's Office





TCOLE rule §217.1, Minimum Standards for Enrollment and Initial Licensure, now requires that in order for you to attend certain classes, academies must maintain documentation of a student's status as either a licensed officer or a non-licensed individual who has the necessary credentials to qualify them to be licensed by the Commission.

Effective 08/12/2019, all applicants must complete the ETPA Licensing Course Applicant Declaration Page.

If you're scheduled to attend a class which falls under this rule -- including the Basic Telecommunicator Course -- please complete one of the following applications and the ETPA Personal History Statement:


***Employed TCOLE Licensee***


***Non-Employed or Non-Licensed Employee***


***ETPA Personal History Statement***


***ETPA Applicant Licensing Course Applicant Page***


Personal History Statement

Pursuant to a new TCOLE Rule, all students seeking entry to any licensing course must complete a Personal History Statement. The ETPA PHS must be turned in with the student's sponsorship. While the information may be identical, we require all applicants to compete the ETPA provided PHS.

Fingerprints: If you are not a currently employed TCOLE Licensee, you must go through the FAST System for your fingerprints. You must print out the form below and take it with you to your appointment.


***Download the ETPA FAST Form Here***



TCOLE Rules Test:

All applicants must complete the free online TCOLE rules overview course, and score a 100% on the online exam prior to the first day of class. TCOLE rules require students to score a 100% on the rules overview exam before being eligible to sit for the licensing exam. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that they have met this requirement and are eligible to sit for the licensing exam. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 903.983.8663. 


TCOLE Licensing Exam Information:

ETPA does have a state-exam license and does offer the licensing exam.  The cost is $30 per student.  Click HERE for more information.

Notices:  (1.)  ETPA reserves the right to cancel, prior to the first day of class, any scheduled basic county corrections course due to low enrollment; and (2.) please be advised that ETPA does not participate in the WIA (“Workers Investment Act”) Program.