Screening For Non-Employed Cadets

Under current TCOLE Rules, applicants who are not currently employed by a law enforcement agency, or are not being sponsored for the licensing course by their employing law enforcement agency, are required to have their L2 (medical and drug screening) and L3 (psychological evaluation) completed by personnel that have been screened and selected by the enrolling academy. Applicants with a non-employed sponsorship must have their L2 and L3 completed by the approved personnel listed below; L2 and L3 forms completed by any other medical or mental health professionals will not be accepted. Please contact Jaime Delgado in our office before you schedule a screening if you have any questions.

Non-Employed applicants must have a completed and approved initial application before having their L2 or L3 screening completed. 


L2 - Medical and Drug Screening

Mount Pleasant Family Practice

618 N. Jefferson Avenue

Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455


The cost of the screening is $90. Insurance is not accepted, payment is due at the time the screening is provided. Appointments must be scheduled in advance by calling 903-575-9500.

Approved practitioners:

Dr. Christopher Burling (TMB License #K7676)

Carrie Rhea, APRN, FNP-C

Jami Baker APRN, FNP-C


L3 Psychological Screening

Loughmiller Institute

3800 Paluxy Drive Suite 450

Tyler, TX 75703


The cost of the screening is $175, insurance is not accepted, credit/debit cards are not accepted. Payment is due by cash or check at the time of the screening. L3 screenings are conducted on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, appointments are required. Applicants should allow up to 4-hours for the screening process. Applicants must bring their completed PHS to their appointment. To schedule an appointment, please contact Kathleen Fulton at 903-593-8395.

Approved practitioner:

Dr. Stephen Westmoreland (License #21579)