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Logging into AccessKC

Your username is: • The first four letters of your last name • The first four letters of your first name • The LAST four digits of your KC ID number (Not your social security number, but the college-issued ID number) Example: If your name is Chris Smith and your KC ID is 123456789, then your username is smitchri6789.

Your password: Your initial password is the word “Student” + your two digit month number and birthday number, using double digits for each. For example, if you were born on May 6, your password is Student0506. NOTE: Student has the S capitalized! It will not work unless you do the cap. The rest are lower case. It is recommended that you change your password from the default password by navigating to

Payment Deadlines:

  • May 26th—Summer 1 Payment Deadline.

  • June 30th — Summer II Early Registration Payment Deadline.

  • August 1st — Fall Early Registration Payment Deadline.

  • August 17th — Final Registration Payment Deadline.

Note: Online Payment Plans are available.


 Log into AccessKC then click the link below for instructions on paying your term balance.